Marin Kirk

she / her

Marin is passionate about equitable education and ensuring that every student has access to their full potential. As a middle school English teacher and social emotional learning coordinator, Marin developed a deep understanding of student efficacy and implemented efficient systems, leading to an exponential increase in academic achievement and a lasting impact on school-based SEL programming. Most recently, as the founder of a small business creative marketing firm, Marin blends her education expertise with strategic marketing acumen to deliver tailored solutions for diverse audiences. Marin thrives on developing meaningful connections and crafting robust and sustainable solutions. With a profound belief that high-quality education is a human right, Marin is committed to bridging gaps and fostering opportunities for growth, in and beyond the K-12 space.

Marin earned a bachelor's degree in middle school education, with a specialization in English and history, from the University of Cincinnati.
Investing in Leaders. Invested in Change.